Training Practice

We are a training practice for the Royal College of General Practitioners. Every few months, one or more fully qualified doctors joins us to work and gain further experience in general practice. They come to us having completed several years hospital training and often bring new skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with them.

As part of their final exam assessment, registrars are required to video record several consultations. This is to prove they are able to relate to patients and communicate well with them, as well as showing their medical skills.

You may be asked to take part in a video consultation. You do not have to consent, but if you do, you may also withdraw your consent at any time. Videos are viewed by doctors at the surgery and are considered part of your medical record, so are always dealt with under our usual confidentiality procedures.

The video recording does not leave the building, is only viewed by the training doctor and either Dr Desai or Dr Martin. It is erased after the training doctor leaves the practice.

Medical Students

For several years we have also been involved in the training of medical students. We take students from the final year at the University of Birmingham and the University of London.

You may be asked to consult with a medical student. They are always closely supervised by one of the doctors, and you will also be seen by the supervising doctor as part of your consultation. Many patients enjoy seeing medical students as they have lots of time to listen. You will also be helping doctors of the future.