About Us

Our Vision

To deliver high quality evidence based general medical services to our registered practice population in a safe, effective and responsive way. We will deliver patient centred and innovative health care in an environment which is friendly and welcoming.

We will be proactive in the development of service provision for our patients by engaging with primary and secondary health care teams, GP colleagues, commissioners and regulators both locally and nationally.

Our Values

Patient Centred

Our patients are our first priority, each and every patient matters and we will treat them with dignity and respect.


To provide the highest possible standards of care and treatment to patients with diversity, equity and equality of access.


To take pride in the service that we offer to our patients and recognise when that service has not met our standards.


To act professionally and with integrity and work within an ethical frame work at all times through a policy of openness, transparency and reflection.

Our Team

To work together and support each other for the benefit of our patients.


To continually innovate to bring about change for the wellbeing of our patients. These will be met as far as possible as financial resource shall allow.