Clinics and Services

We offer a range of clinics and services including those below. For more information, please visit our Health Review and Assessment Clinic.

If you would like to attend any of the below clinics, please visit our Consulting Room.

Our practice can provide the following services:

  • NHS health checks
  • Coronary heart disease clinic
  • Diabetic clinic
  • Asthma – If you have been advised by the surgery to do so, please submit our Asthma Review form.
  • COPD clinic – If you have been advised by the surgery to do so, please submit our COPD Assessment form.
  • Antenatal clinic
  • Postnatal clinic for mothers
  • Baby clinic for immunisation and child health surveillance
  • Cervical smears
  • HRT

All the doctors are fully trained in family planning, and Dr Smart is further trained in providing coil fitting and contraceptive implant fitting.

Drs Desai, Martin and Shukla are trained in minor surgery and can provide a service including minor operations and joint injections.

We have a team of practice based pharmacists who can carry out reviews of medications, especially for those patients on more than 4 regular medications. Please contact the surgery to arrange this.

Let’s Get Healthy Dudley

Let’s Get Healthy Dudley offers a range of advice and support on healthy lifestyles such as smoking, weight management and alcohol advice.

To book an appointment to get advice on smoking, drinking, or weight management please speak to reception using by calling 01384 732402. For further information on what Let’s Get Healthy Dudley has to offer visit

Physiotherapy Service

We now offer First Contact Physiotherapy Service here at the GP surgery where specialist Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapy is offered as an alternative to seeing your GP for MSK conditions. This will improve your access to the right care, at the right time, from the right person.

A first contact practitioner is usually an experienced practice physiotherapist who has the advanced skills necessary to assess, diagnose and manage musculoskeletal (MSK) problems, such as lower back pain, ankle sprains or frozen shoulder, for example:

  • Patients aged 16 or over
  • MSK problem (which you are not currently under treatment for)
  • MSK conditions:
    • Soft tissue/muscle/tendon/ligament strains/sprains
    • Joint pain/injury
    • Acute flare up of a long-term condition
    • Back/neck pain
    • Postural pain/problems
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Minor trauma (falls/sport injuries)

To book an appointment with the physiotherapist, please contact reception, who will be able to guide you through the process.

Family Planning

All doctors and nurses at the practice are able to offer family planning advice during their normal surgery. Oral contraceptives can be prescribed at routine appointments by the nurses and doctors.

The nursing team can administer contraceptive injections and provide advice about emergency contraception. Dr Smart is able to fit coils and contraceptive implants in family planning appointments both in the morning and evening by prior arrangement.

Drs Smart, Desai, Martin, Shukla, Fung and Davies and nurses at the practice are willing and able to advise women about pregnancy options and give the support that may be required.